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Static Website

Static website designing

Website designing is a phenomenon that is used for designing a website. Statics website designing is an easy & effective process of designing a websites which is appealing and creative. Statics website designing is a great way to explore and reflects one’s business opportunities and their services in a very pleasing and easy way.

Make business India provides you opportunities to reflect your business skills over different static and innovative website. We offers best price with great quality of website.

We believe that creativity can enhance the quality of your business. Statics website is easy to load and it is a great by the point of the SEO.

We are offering our services over many different locations all over Delhi/NCR.

You can name it we are ready to deliver our services to you on time. Whether it is in south, north, east or west Delhi.

Benefits of statics websites

  • Statics websites are very much time saving. Our professional website developers can make statics very easily and fast.
  • Cost effectiveness is its one of the best advantages so you don’t have to pay more for it and our services itself very cost effective.
  • Its process is fast and the data can easily transfer from one serverto another.
  • It is very easy to do indexing.
  • The hosting cost of statics website is very less.

Why to chose make business India

  • we provides end to end services that is no other one is between so our cost are very reliable and easy to pay.
  • We offer you the product as a way as you want we change your dreams into reality.
  • Our services are cost effective and experiences are better.
  • We are offering high quality of work.
  • We give you surety of our uniqueness.
  • We are as passionate as you for the delivery and completion of the project.
  • We are experienced in offering quality products.

Frequently asked questions

"The Most Simple Way to launch your startup"
User Friendly

One Of The Most Important Features Of Static Website Is User Friendliness This Means That Users Can Easily Understand The Ideas Which We Try To Convey Through Our Website And Its Content. Additionally, Our Aim Is To Create A Website In Which Users Can Easily Use It And Navigate From One To Another Web Page.

Light Weight Websites

The Size Of A Website Determines The Performance Of A Website. When A Website Is Created Using HTML Then There Size Is Automatically Small And These Websites Are Opened Quickly On The Server. In This Fast Moving World Where People Love Speed Then Static Web Design Or Website Is The Best Option For Them..

Incredible And Attractive Layouts

Simplicity Is Best Compliment As Simple Thing Is Easily Understand By All. We Need To Make Our Website, Its Web Pages, And Also Content On These Web Pages So Simple That One Can Easily Understand The Ideas Which We Try To Convey. This Is Also True That Attractive And Incredible Layouts Also Attract Their Visitor.

SEO Friendly Design

SEO Stands For Search Engine Optimization Which Enables The Website Owner To Increase And Improve The Visibility And Ranking Of Their Website Over The Internet. Static Websites Are More SEO Friendly Because Their Designs Are Very Simple And Fixed Which Can Get More Attention From Their Visitors And Increase The Profitability.

Compatibility Higher Browser

Static Websites Are Simple And Light Weighted As They Are Created Using HTML Codes. These Websites Are Easily Opened And Run Over Any Web Browser. Thus, For Static Websites, One Needs Not Require Advance Web Browsers As These Websites Have Few Web Pages And Performing Easy Functionality Which Can Be Run In Any Browser.

Easy Navigation

Static Websites Provide User Friendly Interface In Which User Can Easily Navigate From One Web Page To Another. Therefore, Due To The Simplicity Of Static Websites, They Are Highly User Friendly From Every Aspect Of Easiness Such As Easy Navigation, Relevant Content And Its Placement, Proper Heading And Title.


HTML Stands For Hyper Text Markup Language Which Is Used For Creating Static Web Pages. HTML Is A Collection Of Tags Which Are Written In Notepad File And Save With .HTML Extension. HTML5 Is The Latest Version Of HTML Which Is Used For Structuring And Presenting Content Over The Web.


Java Script Is A High Level Object-Oriented Programming Language Which Is Used To Create More Attractive Web Pages Within Web Browsers. This Programming Language Guides Computers What To Do? And How To Do?. Additionally, Javascript Is An Easy And Light Weighted Programming Language Which Helps Us To Create More Interactive Static Web Pages.


CSS Stands For Cascading Style Sheet Which Is Used For Creating And Formatting The Layout Of Web Pages. Additionally, CSS3 Is The Latest Version Of CSS Which Is Used For Defining Text Styles (Includes Font Size, Font Face, Bold, Italic, And Underlines), Table Sizes, And Other Aspects Of Web Pages Of You Websites By Using HTML.

Mobile Friendly

Today, Mobile Is The Necessity Of Everyone. All The Time People Are Busy In Surfing Sites Over Mobile Using The Mobile Internet. Therefore, They Prefer All The Websites Which Easily Loaded Into Their Mobile. A Static Website Is One Of Them. These Websites Are Easily Accessed And Opened In One’s Mobile As They Are Small In Size And Compatibility For Your Mobile.


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